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Working  to End Child Poverty In London

Join us in campaigning on key issues which affect the capital’s 600,000 children currently living in poverty.
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4in10 is based at Children England.  With continued funding from Trust for London and new funding from City Bridge Trust.

Our next Event: Working with employers to tackle child poverty in London.

A capacity building seminar from 4in10.  

22 February 10.00 - 1.30.

Mary Ward Centre, 10 Great Turnstile, London WC1V 7JU

While London creates a huge amount of wealth, the picture for low income families who live here is one of soaring rents, high prices for food, childcare and other essentials and diminishing social support. And no longer is work a reliable route out of poverty; 450,000 children in London are in poverty despite living in a household where someone is working.

Business leaders are already concerned about recruiting and retaining staff if families cannot afford to live here. Campaigners have been calling for employers to join the efforts to solve uk poverty.

This capacity building seminar by 4in10 will explore the impact that businesses can have on low income families and their communities. It will share good practice for organisations wanting to encourage businessess to enhance their activities and employment practices to give greter support to low income families.  

More Details and Booking.

Inner City Pressures: Voices of low income working families in London on the complex challenges they face - New 4in10 report published

4in10's new report highlights the voices of low income working families in inner London where, despite working, families are struggling to meet the cost of living. We're calling on the Mayor to use his strategy for London as an opportunity to help low income families be able to provide a better life for their families. Download the report here

End Child Poverty coalition figures

The latest release of child poverty statistics published by the End Child Poverty coalition provide a bleak picture for hundreds of thousands of children in London and show what a particular challenge it is to solve poverty in the Capital. Four of the five UK local authoriteis with the worst rates of child poverty are in the capital. Tower Hamlets has the highest rate of child poverty of any council, at 43.5%, while Poplar and Limehouse is the parliamentary constituency with London's highest rate of child poverty at 43.7%, and the third highest in the country. Read the full blog post.