Calling all Parents!

Date Posted: 21 November 2011

As part of 4in10’s childcare campaign soon to launch, for affordable and flexible childcare in London, we are looking for London parents who would like to support the campaign, by spreading the message to friends, family and other parents through words, email.

Yasmina Andoh, herself a parent of four, is working with 4in10 to help get parents involved in this campaign.

Yasmina says:

“Affordable and flexible childcare is important for me because it will encourage me to find a job and not have to worry about the cost or the flexibility. It will definitely take pressures away!  Last year I started a project to help parents like myself to affordable weekend activities for their children in Kensington and Chelsea. So I would love to bring together other parents who would like to do some more campaigning about this issue.”

We would like to set up a group of parents across London who can be our campaign champions. We will offer free training to them and help organise the group. If you are a parent who is interested to see something done about affordable and flexible childcare in London and would like to become a member of the group, please get in touch!

For more information about getting involved please contact Yasmina on can also download a leaflet here.