Good Practice

Welfare Reforms: navigating the changes in the welfare system

Date Posted: 31 July 2013

The seminar had two key objectives, to:

  • Develop understanding of Government policy: increase understanding of welfare reforms and examine how best to transition to a new welfare regime.
  • Learn from successful case studies: sharing from pilot projects, specialised organisations on how some of the welfare reforms will be implemented.

The seminar had key presentations from Patrick Butler from the Guardian, Joanna Kennedy from Z2K, Ade Sofola from 4in10 and Tom MacInnes from New Policy Institute.

There were also 4 workshops examining specific areas of welfare reform:

  1. Housing: lessons from pilot London LAs on implementing the Benefit Cap
  2. Localised response to welfare changes: examining the social fund, council tax changes in London
  3. Fairness for all: the impact of welfare reforms on people with disabilities
  4. The Perfect Storm: managing Information, Advice & Guidance against a backdrop of cuts and changes.

The report contains an overview of seminar including workshop discussions. You can also download copies of presentations by Joanna Kennedy, Ade Sofola and Tom MacInnes.