Good Practice

Exploring Food Poverty

Date Posted: 10 March 2013

The workshop looked at some of the key issues that caused food poverty and explored two good practice solutions. Speakers were Fiona Twycross AM (who wrote the Zero Hunger City report), Rosie Boycott, the Chair of the London Food Board, Kieran Read who talked about the universal free school meals programme in the London borough of Newham and Jonathan Pelluet who spoke about FareShare's work to redistribute surplus food to disadvantaged communities.

The workshop offered participants the opportunity to:

  • Explore the various causes of food poverty and how this is linked to child poverty
  • Share evidence about the families affected by food poverty across the capital
  • Explore effective strategies for collecting evidence for policy makers about families and areas that are at risk of experiencing food poverty
  • Explore good practice solutions to tackle food poverty
  • Develop innovative solutions to tackle the rising impact of food poverty in the capital

Thereport contains a record of the presentations made at the workshop, along with key points from the group discussions. You can also download presentations from:

Fiona Twycross AM, Rosie Boycott, Kieran Read and Jonathan Pelluet.