Good Practice

4in10 Explores Employment

Date Posted: 11 September 2012

The workshop was developed in collaboration with Women Like Us, an award-winning social enterprise that provides frontline careers advice and employment support to low income parents, mothers looking to fit work with family life. 

The workshop included:
·         information on the state of the part time vacancy market in London and what employers need to help them offer better quality part-time roles
·         best practice sessions on how to change employers’ attitudes to family friendly employment and effective strategies for engaging, motivating and supporting low income parents into employment,
·         policy session to build an evidence base, based on session for the London Skills and Employment Board on ‘what works’ and ‘what is needed’ to stimulate parental employment in London
The workshop attracted a range of individuals and organisations, members of the Voluntary and Community Sector and Statutory Sector organisations, and others who had an interest in the part played by the lack of parent friendly employment in London, and how this impacts on children.

A full report of the workshop can be downloaded here along with a copy of the presentation from Women Like Us