Good Practice

4in10 Explores Child Poverty and the Media

Date Posted: 03 April 2012
The workshop focussed on how the media communicates poverty issues, and how we can best support those with stories to tell to have their say. There were also discussions to explore the possibilities for linking up within the 4in10 network over the next year, to develop common good practice standards around media work and case studies, and potentially develop a cross-referral network for media enquiries within London.
Speakers included Oliver Courtney (Save the Children UK); Bill Rashleigh (Shelter); and Tim Nichols (Child Poverty Action Group).
There were a number of suggestions for how to take discussions forward. These were:
What organisations would really value that could be provided through a media network or project:
- A cross referral network, to ‘cross refer’ to other organisations when we receive journalist requests and cannot meet them ourselves
- A place to share best practice and experiences
- Having an infrastructure through which to build a pool of people across
London who are interested in doing media work
- Sharing useful contacts with the media, and passing information to each other that would support our campaigning and media work
- Being able to use the requests for ‘case studies’ as a platform for people who really want to tell their story and put a new angle on it to that normally represented in the media
Suggestions to consider implementing if going ahead with a media network:
- We would need to be very explicit about how the network would benefit members.
- We should develop a set of core principles that organisations sign up to.
- The network could work collectively to investigate common issues.
- We would need to secure engagement by senior executive in organisations to ensure buy-in to this concept at a senior level.
- We could publicise and market the network framed as a campaign, as a proactive sector based initiative to try and challenge and change media stereotypes by supporting people to get their story out.
- It could be useful to provide within the network feedback on media coverage of poverty issues, and sharing knowledge of issues that may be coming up and gaining media attention.
- We could think about a system of highlighting stories that we feel were particularly appalling coverage, and proactive ‘re-claim the debate’ on this.
The full report is available here.