Good Practice

4in10 Explores the Child Poverty Act

Date Posted: 18 October 2011

The workshop focused on discussing the current policy context of the Child Poverty Act, implications of the Child Poverty Act for VCS organizations and ways in which statutory organizations and VCS could collaborate to meet the goals of the Child Poverty Act and deliver on local child poverty strategies, as well as share and develop good practice.


The key recommendations that emerged from the workshop include:

  • Voluntary and community sector organizations to engage with their  relevant counterpart in the Local Authority on a range of levels such as frontline delivery and practice sharing, sharing information and intelligence, designing and delivering training on poverty and services to statutory staff and helping to design effective ways of working together with community members from communities affected by poverty 
  •  Voluntary and community sector organizations to monitor and scrutinize Local Authorities by agreeing on concrete measures and the process on which LAs will be held accountable, to share the results of the scrutiny and to develop and spread positive learning
  •  VCS and Local Authorities to work in partnership towards the overall child poverty strategy goals on a six monthly or yearly basis by jointly agreeing on practical, achievable milestones and working practices which can be easily implemented, more meaningful to monitor against and more straightforward for the VCS to engage in and relate to their own work and practice. 

It is important to acknowledge that there are capacity constraints both on the part of VCS and Local Authority staff in terms of organizing ongoing sub-committees, forums, one-off consultation exercises, hence the need to be structured and be able to work within a limited time-frame.  

The full report is available here.