Good Practice

4in10 Explores Childcare

Date Posted: 14 July 2011

The first of the 4in10’s workshops, which provides an opportunity for individuals, voluntary sector organisations and local authority bodies to share information, good practice and get up to date useful information on the big issues affecting families in London. Through these workshops, 4in10 hopes to build specific knowledge and skills to support work on tackling child poverty and launch or support campaign work where relevant. This workshop focusing on Childcare was developed in collaboration with the Daycare Trust.

The session included information from experts on key childcare policy issues and group discussions focused on the childcare needs of parents, the barriers London parents face in accessing the right childcare and the need to raise awareness and get buy-in for change amongst key stakeholders including local government, schools and employers.

The key points raised include the need to address:
•    Flexibility in working arrangements for parents, including job share, in-school hours working and working from home options
•    Flexibility for childcare provision during atypical hours, especially during holidays and before and after school and for parents who worked atypical hours.
•    Childcare provision at different ages, particularly for over 12s – with a particular concern for their safety
•    Affordability of childcare provision as this is the biggest barrier to parents returning to work
•    Lack of sufficient places in nurseries and after school clubs which have central government funding.

A full summary of the workshop is available here.