Good Practice

How Health and Wellbeing Boards can help tackle child health inequalities

Date Posted: 28 February 2018

We completed a review of all 33 London health and wellbeing strategies, exploring how Health and Wellbeing Boards in London can improve population health by addressing economic and social factors, focussing on the five key themes that we see as vital to tackling child health inequalities.

The themes are: raising household incomes, improving financial resilience, decent affordable homes for families, access to sufficient healthy good and investment in early years.

The analysis highlights examples of excellent work by London Local authorities to address the drivers of poor child health inequalities, but also raises areas where there is insufficient action across the capital.

Councillors have an important role to play in ensuring that their Local Authority has in place the right aims to secure an informed, proactive and focussed Health and Wellbeing strategy – and so we have created a ‘Questions to ask’ briefing to accompany the analysis, as well as a briefing specifically for Scrutiny Committees to consider their Council's efforts.

We intend these documents to be a useful addition to the scrutiny of local policies affecting low income families.

Using all the levers we have to address health inequalities is an economic necessity, not only to reduce financial burden on NHS and support a productive economy but also to avoid the cost to children’s lives.

Download the resources:

Local strategies towards better child health for London – an analysis

How Councillors can lead improvement in local strategies for better child health in London: Questions to ask