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How do you solve a problem like childcare?

Date Posted: 04 August 2015

Senior Tory says right-to-buy could wipe out ‘swathes’ of social housing

Date Posted: 30 July 2015

Large association stops building cheap rented homes

Date Posted: 30 July 2015

Poverty is about not having enough money. So don’t blame schools for it

Date Posted: 20 July 2015

GLA: London will see 4,500 council homes sold off under Right to Buy plans

Date Posted: 16 July 2015

Guardian Live: inequality set to rise with fresh attack on working-age welfare

Date Posted: 10 July 2015

Benefit cap will pitch thousands more British children into poverty

Date Posted: 07 July 2015

Evictions, child poverty, homelessness - London borough issues stark warning over new benefit cap

Date Posted: 26 June 2015

London: our child poverty capital

Date Posted: 26 June 2015

Poverty figures: what they do and don’t say

Date Posted: 25 June 2015