Employment support in the Capital: Routes into work and to progression

When: Wednesday 12 December 2018. 9.30 - 13.00. Registration from 9.30. Includes free networking lunch.

Where: Osmani Centre, 58 Underwood Road, London, E1 5AW

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The event will explore how employment support for those seeking to enter employment and for those seeking to progress out of low paid work, can contribute to reducing child poverty in London. In particular, it will look at the role local authorities, the voluntary sector, and the GLA can play in joint working to improve services to many of London’s disadvantaged groups. We will ask:

1.What do inequalities in employment rates, and progression look like across the capital and how does it impact on families?

2.Given the rollout of Universal Credit will be changing the conditionality for many low paid workers, as well as job seekers – what are the London-specific challenges and           opportunities to address support and training needs for particular groups?

3.How are local authorities and voluntary sector organisations developing innovative solutions to better address this? 

 Speakers will share practical examples of their work in these areas and include:

Jenny Gulliford, Principal Policy Officer, London Councils

Fionnula Shannon, Director of Operations, Dress for Success

Alessy Beaver, StepUp Coordinator, Thames Reach

Julie Hutchinson, MD for Employment, ELBA


Panel One: ‘Overcoming Barriers: Routes into quality employment.’

Panel Two: ‘Escaping Insecurity: Progression out of precarious employment.’

THE EVENT IS FREE, but space is limited so please secure your place today.