Fundraising workshop: Introduction to Funders and Applications support


When: Friday 8 February 2019. 1.30 - 3.00pm.  Registration from 1pm.

Where: City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA

Equip yourself with the tools and understanding required to make successful funding and grant applications. Designed to help you understand the different types of funding applications, how to research and select the right ones for your organisation and write effective bids.
The event explored the stages in securing funding through grants and how you can optimize your chances of getting past each hurdle. Learning how to avoid commonly made mistakes.
It provided the opportunity to meet with a range of funders and discuss upcoming grant applications and funding opportunities.
Aimed at VCS organisations in London, with funder opportunities focused on issues of tackling poverty, and supporting children and young people in London.

Employment support in the Capital: Routes into work and to progression

Event report and presentations now available here.

When: Wednesday 12 December 2018. 9.30 - 13.00. 

Where: Osmani Centre, 58 Underwood Road, London, E1 5AW

The event explored how employment support for those seeking to enter employment and for those seeking to progress out of low paid work, can contribute to reducing child poverty in London. In particular, it will look at the role local authorities, the voluntary sector, and the GLA can play in joint working to improve services to many of London’s disadvantaged groups. We asked:

1.What do inequalities in employment rates, and progression look like across the capital and how does it impact on families?

2.Given the rollout of Universal Credit will be changing the conditionality for many low paid workers, as well as job seekers – what are the London-specific challenges and           opportunities to address support and training needs for particular groups?

3.How are local authorities and voluntary sector organisations developing innovative solutions to better address this? 

 Speakers shared practical examples of their work in these areas and included:

Jenny Gulliford, Principal Policy Officer, London Councils

Fionnula Shannon, Director of Operations, Dress for Success

Alessy Beaver, StepUp Coordinator, Thames Reach

Julie Hutchinson, MD for Employment, ELBA


Panel One: ‘Overcoming Barriers: Routes into quality employment.’

Panel Two: ‘Escaping Insecurity: Progression out of precarious employment.’



To coincide with the is the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17th of October, 4in10 held the first ever London Challenge Poverty Week. Organisations large and small  supported London Challenge Poverty Week to celebrate the breadth and creativity of solutions to poverty that we see in London, provoke conversations about how poverty can be overcome – and show our capital coming together to challenge how poverty is constraining our families.
The main aims of the week are to:

  • Increase visibility of the reality of poverty in London
  • Encourage positive debate and discussion about poverty
  • Show what is being done to tackle poverty & the solutions we know exist.

The following events were held:


Working Well? Young job seekers and Jobcentre Plus in London 
Policy recommendation roundtable held by 4in10 and the Young Women’s Trust.

The research explored the role of Jobcentre Plus in the lives of young jobseekers. It looks at whether the Government’s flagship Youth Obligation scheme addresses the specific needs of young job-seekers by providing appropriate, personalised, employment-focused support that enables young people to enter secure, quality employment. The research using London as a case study and made recommendations. Download the report.


Behind Closed Doors

End Hunger UK exhibition in the House of Commons to raise awareness of the nature, scale, causes and experiences of food insecurity in Britain today. The exhibition was displayed in support of Emma Lewell-Buck's Food Insecurity Bill, calling for a government led measurement of household food insecurity in the UK.

End Hunger UK Campaign Conference 2018  
On World Food Day, October 16th 2018, the End Hunger UK campaign convened its second annual conference in Westminster to discuss the growing movement around household food insecurity in the UK.  A panel led by Church Action on Poverty reported research by JRF and the FrameWorks Institute into effective ways to shift public discourse about poverty. More.

Young parents: flexible working, childcare and training - Young Parents event at GLA,
Partnership for Young London

This event, led by a group of young parents, examined what can be done in London to provide more flexible opportunities to those seeking employment. Following on from the report, Young Parents in London: Living with Precariousness, this event is suited to those who work with young parents, especially in relation to employment.

WEDNESDAY 17 - UN Day for Eradication of Poverty

London's Voluntary Sector: Picking Up The Pieces

Report Launch with Deputy Mayor of London, Matthew Ryder QC. Toynbee Hall 8:30am to 10:30am 

Read the report.

The event heard the voices and expertise of those on the frontline of London's child poverty crisis and the solutions low income families in the capital urgently need. 

How meaningful participation by people with direct experience of poverty can create positive social change.
ATD Fourth World
organised a two-part event, led by people with lived experience of poverty including a panel discussion, a commemoration with messages and music.

London Child Poverty Summit.

The Childhood Trust, in partnership with the London School of Economics UN Society, Hosted the event to share, discuss and document the challenges facing disadvantaged children in London.


Holding on or moving up? Supporting carers and parents in employment

Research report launch from Coram Family and Childcare. Download the report.

Communities and Housing in a 'ChildFair' State 

A roundtable discussion hosted by Children England and Peabody Trust.


Providing a social safety net: how local authorities can support residents during the roll out of Universal Credit

Event hosted by Trust for London with London Child Poverty Alliance.

The move to Universal Credit is leaving many low-income households short of money and in need of help. This event looked at how local authorities can support local residents when money is tight, and prevent them from falling into debt or destitution.