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4in10 and CPAG launch Let's All Have Lunch! campaign

Date Posted: 09/09/2013 12:34:05

In September 2013 4in10 and CPAG  launched a joint campaign for Free School Meals in London: Let's All Have Lunch! The campaign calls for local authorities to invest in free school meals for all primary school children.

Universal free school meals benefit not only children, but the whole family too! For detailed evidence of these benefits, read our campaign report.

Since we launched our campaign we have seen the introduction of free school meals for infants in Primary schools across the country. This is great news but we know that it doesn't go far enough in making a difference for children living in poverty. Increasing numbers of boroughs across London are making the decision to extend free school meals to ALL primary school children and are convinved by the benefits they are seeing for schools and for families.

ADD YOUR VOICE TO THE CAMPAIGN NOW and contact your Local Authority urging them to consider free school meals for all.


The Guardian reports on our campaign for free school meals for every child in London's primary schools, a call that is supported by Fiona Twycross AM and Cllr Richard Watts from the London borough of Islington.